Female Orgasm

How Can I Reach Orgasm with My Partner? Recommend Independent Escorts

Take Time to Engage in Foreplay

When it comes to orgasm, women are wired differently from men. In fact, most men are fired up and ready to roll within minutes. Women on the other hand, have to prepare themselves for sex mentally and physically. It is therefore crucial that create the mood as you edge closer to the time for having sex. You can wear sexy lingerie, start fantasizing on what is to come, or start flirty conversations. Try things that put both of you in the right mood for sex.

Focus on the Clitoris

While there are many parts of a woman’s body that can trigger orgasm, clitoris is the main area that you should put a lot of emphasis on. Whether you choose to touch, lick or rub your penis on her clitoris, never be distracted from it. Do it persistently and she will eventually reach orgasm as long as you do it right.

Keep Going

Orgasm is a sensation that you have to build up as you engage in sex. Be an active participant and enjoy the ride all the way without slipping back. On average, it can take a woman about twenty to forty minutes to experience orgasm although it can sometimes take longer. Regardless of how long it takes, remain focused and keep riding her till she gets to the peak.

Try these tips and you won’t have trouble reaching orgasm with your partner.

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